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With six training engines. (f) The category A, B, and C thrust ratings listed in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this AD are defined in chapter 05 of the CFM56-3 model series Engine Shop Manual, CFMI-TP. This Stand is fully boot strap capable, and only weighs 2,500 pounds. cfm international CFM56-3 TRAINING MANUAL EFFECTIVITY CFMI PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. Prepared By CFM INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER TRAINING CENTER. Instead, this training manual will be used as a self-study tool. 5 - R74 Illustrated Parts Catalog PC. The CFM56-7B is supported by MTU Maintenance Hannover and by MTU Maintenance Zhuhai.

8 – R74 Service Bulletins Up to Standard Practices Manual SP. Revised April cfm56-3 systems training manual 1990. The CFM56-3 is a high bypass, dual rotor, axial flow turbofan engine. CFM56 -5B_BE Training Manual - Scribd - TRAINING MANUAL CFM56-5B. 71-00 FRA US/T Bu July 99. Pre-requisite Skills. 3 – R87 Illustrated Tool & Equip. CFM56-2, CFM56-3, CFM56-5B, and CFM56-7B MRO at MTU Maintenance The CFM56-2 is maintained at MTU Maintenance Canada, the CFM56-3 is maintained at MTU Maintenance Canada and at MTU Maintenance Zhuhai, the CFM56-5B at MTU Maintenance Zhuhai.

ATA Subject Class B1 B2 Task code Date Trainee’s signature Assessor’s signature ATA 12 - ServicingFuelling and defuelling M X SGHFuel system drainage O X SGHHydraulic reservoir servicing M X SGH. CFM56-3 Fuel Pump Backlash Tool:Slave AGB Mount Links:Slave AGB Mount Links: 1 856A1000 Wrench - No. a) The operation of jet power plants is dangerous. We have 1 CFM CFM56-7B manual available for free PDF download: Training Manual CFM CFM56-7B Training Manual (216 pages). Page 25 CFM56-ALL TRAINING MANUAL CFM56 MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Combustor Section CFM56 engines consist of two independent rotating systems: (-2, -3, -5A, -5C) : Annular SAC - The low pressure system, with a rotational speed (-5B, -7B) : designated N1.

We also have in stock, a CFM56-3 engine boot strap kit. CFM56-3 Turbofan Engine Description. Maintenance Practice Training Manual B1/B2 DOC. Lubricants (g) After the effective date of this AD, the following lubricants are no longer approved for use on the CFMI CFM56-3, -3B, and -3C series engines. 125 to store your data for an unlimited period of time.

While most of the guidelines also hold true for a training manual that compliments a stand-up or Internet delivered training, the focus of these guidelines is on a self-study manual. CFM56-3 Engine Boot strap kit: Brand new Low Profile CFM56-3 Engine stand: CFM56-3Stands. B1+B2 Boeing 737-300/400/500 (CFM56) Engine Start Up / Run Up training on Full. 71-00 INTRODUCTION. Annular SAC (option DAC) - The high pressure system, with a rotational speed designated N2. POWER PLANT GENERAL A319/A320. Model 3225 consists of separate base and cradle assemblies and provides convenient features to securely transport CFM56-5 engines.

3 training days (18 hours). The integrated fan and booster (low pressure turbine-LPC) is driven by a 4 stage low pressure turbine (LPT). For more cfm56-3 systems training manual information about an instructor-led manual, see the Appendix.

Manuals and User Guides for CFM CFM56-7B. The CFM56®, developing 18,500 to 33,000 lb of thrust, sets the standard in this market. Evendale Technical Training School GE Aircraft Engines Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 This publication is for TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY. AEMTC keeps close ties with the CFM training facilities at GE Aviation (CTEC) and Safran Aircraft Engines (CTC) by sharing the same training.

BASIC ENGINE DECEMBER CTC-063 Level 3 EF G CFM56-5B TRAINING MANUAL BASIC ENGINE Published by CFMI CFMI Customer Training Center Snecma Cfm56-3 Systems Training Manuals - Scribd - Cfm56-3 Systems Training Manuals - Free ebook download as PDF File (. The CFM56® offers dispatch reliability approaching. The take-off thrust, with the associated limits, shall not be used continuously more than 5 minutes. For more information, contact your GE representative or our Aviation Operations Center (AOC) atU. There are four instructors who conduct training classes for CFM56-3, CFM56-5B, CFM56-7B, and CF6-80C2 line maintenance, borescope inspection and advanced engine systems.

08 T092-7 Balancing SHROUD HPT/HPC 1 Flap Track Area 2 XHPC Dummy 1 Flap Track Area 3 X 56J122703 G0026/96/A03 Test Cowling 1 JTS Test Cell 4 XPrimary EXhaust Nozzle 1 JTS Test Cell. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DCtell-FAA. cfm56-3 systems training manual Engine systems: ATA 73 Fuel and control. 5 m) but retains the original basic engine layout. Aircraft engine borescope inspection training for CFM56 engines. The LEAP engine training will be added to the portofolio starting with LEAP-1B in AEMTC keeps close ties with the CFM International training facilities at GE Aviation (CTEC) and Safran.

CFM56-3 SYSTEMS Training Manual. 3 Bearing Locknut - Inst & Removal : 2 856A1007 Supports: 2 856A1008G02 FIXTURE LIFT & TURN: 6 856A1009 Lifting Fixture: 1 856A1011G07 PROTRACTOR VSV (KIT 2 CASES) 1 856A1016 Stand HPT Roror : 2. cfm56-all training manual lexis page 6 issue 01 a a/c aircraft ac alternating current acars aircraft communication adressing and reporting system acms aircraft condition monitoring system acs aircraft control system adc air data computer adept airline data engine performance trend adirs air data and inertial reference system adiru air data and inertial reference unit agb accessory gearbox aids. General familiarization training for CFM56-3/5/7 engines. While the engine operates, these dangerous conditions can occur: - There is a very strong suction at the front of the engine that can pull persons cfm56-3 and unwanted.

This course is in compliance with EASA Part-66, Appendix III "Type Training bite and troubleshooting procedures to a maintenance manual. CFM56-3 Engine Tooling Sighted Aug Part Number Serial / Asset Number Nomenclature QTY Current location 1 X 014 457. This publication is for TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY. Issue 01, 28 November CFM56-2 & CFM56-3 Series Engines VI.

Page 25 CFM56-ALL TRAINING MANUAL CFM56 MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Combustor Section CFM56 cfm56-3 systems training manual engines consist of two independent rotating systems: (-2, -3, -5A, -5C) : Annular SAC - The low pressure system, with a rotational speed (-5B, -7B) : designated N1. For the CFM56-2A and the CFM56-3, -3B, -3C only the duration may be extended to 10 minutes in case of engine failure in multi-engine aircraft. It owes its impressive success to exceptional performance and reliability, the result of the two partners’ technical excellence.

CFM56-5A TRAINING MANUAL CONTENTS Page 3 ENGINE SYSTEMS April 00 EFG Chapter Section Page FuelFuel distribution 1 toFuel pump 1 toMain oil / fuel heat exchanger 1 toServo fuel heater 1 toHydromechanical unit 1 toFuel flow transmitter 1 toFuel nozzle filter 1 to 4. 2 – R87 Consumable Products Manual CP. Cfm56-3 Engine Training Manual CFM56-3 REGULATION THE POWER OF FLIGHT 1 RXCF CFM56 - 3. The information is accurate at the time of compilation; however, no update service will be furnished to maintain accuracy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website, including smooth operation of the website and marketing solutions. GE&39;s Customer Web Center allows you to browse engine shop manuals, illustrated parts catalogs, service bulletins and more with just a click. Lufthansa Technical Training For Training Purposes Only. com introduces a new lightweight and durable CFM56-3 Stand, which is made at facility that also produces GSE for Southwest Airlines.

use of maintenance manuals. pdf), Text file (. A "cropped fan" derivative of the -2, the -3 engine has a smaller fan diameter at 60 in (1. ATA 71 POWER PLANT.

Book your training now! cfm international CFM56-3 TRAINING MANUAL EFFECTIVITY CFMI PROPRIETARY INFORMATION Page 2 ALLOct 95 GROUND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Overview (1. A Leading Provider of Power Systems Market Intelligence and Consulting About the F108/CFM56: The CFM56 (military designation is F108) is a family of two-spool high-bypass turbofan engines used for both commercial and military applications. CFM56-3 SYSTEMS Training Manual Revised April 1990 Prepared By CFM INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER TRAINING CENTER Evendale Technical Training School GE Aircraft Engines Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 2. 514 CFM56-3 DVD Contents: Engine Shop Manual SM. cfm international CFM56-3 TRAINING MANUAL EFFECTIVITY INTRO Page CFMI PROPRIETARY INFORMATION ALL AC Alternating Current ACARS Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System AD Airworthiness Directive ADC Air Data Computer ADEPT Airline Data Engine Performance Trend ADIRS Air Data and Inertial Reference System AGB Accessory Gearbox. are four instructors who conduct training classes for CFM56-3, CFM56-5B, CFM56-7B,lline maintenance, borescope inspection, and advanced engine systems. Basic engine specification are provided in Fig 1 and 2.

A single stage high pressure turbine (HPT) drives the 9 stage high pressure compressor (HPC). Available for CFM56-7, CFM56-3 and CFM56-2, LEAP-1A and LEAP-2B late CFM56 Engine Removal & Installation 2 days Class size: 6 This ATA 104 level IV course is an academic and practical training session designed for the information necessary to remove and install a CFM56 engine. The course also provides hands-on. ) orInternational). CFM56-3 Systems Training Manuals 1. Technical Manuals Indexes. With more than 33,000 delivered to date, CFM56® engines mainly power single-aisle commercial jets from Airbus and Boeing. The first derivative of the CFM56 series, the CFM56-3 was designed for Boeing 737 Classic series/-400/-500), with static thrust ratings from 18,500 to 23,500 lbf (82.

29 Ed2 7/38 Item ref. Should you have previously attended one of our training course, or have booked one, we are required by EASA 147. •TheCFM56-3 engine control system consists of both: HYDRO MECHANICAL UNIT ELECTRONIC UNIT. I agree that my data may be temporarily stored in order to generate my request to Lufthansa Technical Training and deleted immediately after the request has been sent.

Cfm56-3 systems training manual

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